LEARN ABOUT OUR HISTORY TRIPOUT - is a Polish optical brand founded in 2015 by two brothers. In consultation with professional athletes, we create optical products that provide protection from the sun and maximum safety in all weather conditions.

Our products incorporate the latest knowledge and best available optical systems. Thanks to this approach, our solutions comprehensively meet the many needs of a wide range of customers practicing various sports in different circumstances. Each product leaving our workshop is made with attention to high quality of the smallest details.

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MEET OUR TEAM Meet the people who create, test and promote Tripout eyewear and goggles.

Jan Kiliński

He has been involved in gravity cycling for more than 20 years. He started from racing in 4x, then many years of competing in dirt and organizing shows, and now for several seasons he has been having fun on his bike, competing in enduro events. Janek has subordinated his life to cycling without any pressure for results - he rides for himself. For years he co-founded Warsaw's Kazoora bikepark, but the desire to be closer to M in MTB made him move to Mt. Żar. Professionally, he designs bikes, and when he's not sitting at his computer, he teaches others how to ride and jump on a bike. Most people surely know Janek from the Dirt It More channel, where he shares his cycling knowledge and experience.

Natalia Budner

I have always explored various extreme sports, but it was cycling that took my whole heart and became a way of life. Initially I focused on competing in downhill and dirt jumping events, but over time I let go of competitions in favor of bicycle travel. I've visited a ton of European bike parks and I'm glad I found a way to combine my passion with work! I am a bike instructor and tour organizer. In 2020 I started the Senderki project - that is, I bring together cycling Women. The premise of the group is to unite babes, advice, friendships, mutual motivation and joint trips. I love life on the road!

Dawid Czekaj

Hi, my name is Dawid Czekaj (25l.) my MTB career started IN 2020. After more than 10 years on BMX, I found that I prefer to ride more in natural terrain and on a bigger bike. Switching to MTB was one of my best decisions, and as a result, now I just have fun on the bike.

Some key results:

- "most creative rider" - Emil Johansson's 791 Jam in Sweden 2023

- 1st place Redbull BikePart II in the Full category 2023

- 1st place - Polish BMX Championships on the ramp in 2019

- Two years in a row the award for the best Polish BMX rider during the Baltic Games 2017/2018

Izabela Marcisz

Snow frost and extreme breathlessness is my world.

That's what cross-country skiing is and that's what I do.

I've been cross-country skiing since I was 2 years old, so the only right air for me is in nature, from which I draw my power for the sport. It takes strength and courage to see more.

Marcin Surowiec

Creator of the Bushcraft and Micro Adventures channels on Youtube.

For years, he has been slinging bags around his bike and exploring the world on micro and macro adventures. Among other things, he has cycled the Polish section of the R10 trail, the Main Swietokrzyski Trail, climbed Romania's highest roads - the Transfogaraska road and the TransAlpina. He crossed passes over 4,500 meters above sea level crossing the wilderness of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In Jordan, he rode a route based on the Jordan Bike Trail. All this with full gear, carrying everything on his bike and sleeping in the wild.

He is a finisher of such ultramarathons as the Vistula 1200, the Carpathia Divide, the Pomeranian 500, the Poland Gravel Race, and the North-South Marathon.

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